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The Unsung Heroes Foundation has developed the world's first humanitarian startup map that helps connect companies with aid organizations. It included Flex and Robust.

Global Humanitarian-Tech Startups Landscape 2023 || Startups and humanitarian organizations – (R)evolutionizing collaboration for sustainable aid - Source Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes Foundation uses modern technologies to solve global social problems. The foundation has just developed the world's first map of humanitarian startups, which helps connect companies with aid organizations. Humanitarian-Tech Landscape 2023 powered by Unsung Heroes includes over 100 startups in the areas of nutrition, education, health and climate support.

Why are some buildings earthquake resistant and others not? – challenges for anti-seismic engineering in Turkey.
Broadcast of the lecture entitled "Why are some buildings earthquake-resistant and others not? - challenges for anti-seismic engineering in Turkey." The speaker was prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Kwiecień from the Cracow University of Technology.

FlexAndRobust Systems is a new technology company established on June 13, offering polymer flexible connectors developed by scientists from the Krakow University of Technology.

The founders of the innovative solution are Prof. PhD. DSc. Eng. Arkadiusz Kwiecień and PhD. DSc. Eng. Bogusław Zając, prof. PK from the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The innovative method allows you to strengthen the structures of renovated buildings that were damaged, for example, by an earthquake.

Polymer flexible couplings are used to transfer loads with large deformations. Due to the fact that the joints effectively reduce the stresses in brittle materials, the durability of the entire renovated structure is increased. Their remarkable properties have been confirmed in a series of field studies.

The special purpose vehicle of the Cracow University of Technology, INTECH PK, is responsible for establishing and introducing the new brand to the market.

- Thanks to practical experience and commitment, we completed another project, and the business model prepared by us in cooperation with the creators of the technology resulted in a new technology company FlexAndRobust Systems - says the president of INTECH PK, Izabela Paluch. - In our activities, the support and favor of WIL authorities for the commercialization of the solution was of key importance - emphasizes the President.

In July 2020, FlexAndRobust System was one of the sponsors of the 17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, during which it presented its solutions to several hundred recipients from around the world. Due to the risks associated with the Covid19 pandemic, the conference was held online, and the video below was sent to people from the world of science who are interested in this type of technology.


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