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FAR profile in the MEZeroE project

FlexAndRobust Systems Ltd. (FAR) is a capital company (SME) established in 2016 in Poland for commercialization of Polymer Flexible Joints (PFJ), patented technology developed at Cracow University of Technology (CUT). Far is spin-off company linked to CUT, having full and exclusive licence for using of PFJ. PFJ are the base for new technologies developed by FAR. FAR cooperate with various institutions and universities in Europe, developing and testing new products for the market, also in frame of H2020 program. FAR offers flexible structural connections in civil engineering, carrying loads and high deformations simultaneously and dissipating energy. Solutions offered by FAR are suitable for seismic and hurricane areas.

Technologies provided by FAR were implemented in structures where carrying loads and withstanding of high deformations is necessity. PFJ were applied in timber energy efficient buildings as structural bonding of prefabricated timber elements and fast constructing on site, replacing traditional steel connectors. Good thermal and vapour resistance of PFJ with ability of working in elevated temperatures, as well as its fast and advantage bonding properties were used as innovative solution for creation of new construction technology in timber houses erected close to Cracow. PFJ were also examined on a shake table, protecting efficiently reinforce concrete frames with masonry infills against collapse, manifesting ductile and dissipation properties. Real application on an airfield and tram rails confirmed good durability of PFJ.

FAR offers designing of PFJ to structural requirements and helps in application of PFJ on real structures. Expertise of FAR in solving of nonlinear problems related to bonding of structures undergoing large deformations (thermal, dynamic) allows creating innovative connections, providing safety of exploitation in structures working in seismic and hurricane areas, as well as in various thermal conditions.

FAR role in the MEZeroE project

FLEX & ROBUST will develop own products, being involved in WP2 and contributing to T2.1 to define requirements of testing lines. FLEX & ROBUST will contribute in WP3 with regards to testing campaigns design, implementation and monitoring installing own products. FLEX & ROBUST will contribute with all partners to WP4 with a focus on platform validation in T4.5 as test user, to WP5 and WP6 related to MEzeroE platform concept, design and testing, as well as data population and key results exploitation both in an individual and collective fashion. As all partners, FLEX & ROBUST will contribute to specific requests on communication and dissemination activities in WP7 as well as to financial reporting in WP1.

Personnel who takes part in the work

Bogusław Zając (M) - Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng., Professor of CUT in Civil Engineering - is Vice-CEO and laboratory Head in FAR, co-owner of FAR and financial manager. He is an inventor of Polymer Flexible Joint (PFJ) technology, responsible for developing of PFJ technology and application process. He was technology Head of POIR.01.01.01-00-0828/16 project (EU funds), H2020 SERA INMASPOL project and International Agreement ZAG No. 8075/19. He is an expert in strength and thermal behaviour of materials.

Arkadiusz Kwiecień (M) - Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng., Full Professor in Civil Engineering - is CEO and R&D Head in FAR, co-owner of FAR. He is an inventor of Polymer Flexible Joint (PFJ) technology, responsible for designing of PFJ and innovation process. He is also responsible for cooperation with partners. He was R&D Head of POIR.01.01.01-00-0828/16 project (EU funds), coordinator of H2020 SERA INMASPOL project and International Agreement ZAG No. 8075/19. He is an expert in structural dynamics, composite materials, seismic protection and nonlinear analysis of structural connections.

Marcin Tekieli (M) - Ph.D., Eng., in Civil Engineering - is IT Head in FAR, co-owner of FAR. He is responsible for measurements of PFJ and IT technology. He is inventor of a DIC code CivEng Vision. He was working in POIR.01.01.01-00-0828/16 project (EU funds), H2020 SERA INMASPOL project and International Agreement ZAG No. 8075/19. He is an expert in DIC measurements technique and analysis of strain fields, BIM and numerical analysis expert.

FAR experience

FLEX & ROBUST has full and exclusive licence for using of patented PFJ.

Relevant Publications can be found here.

Relevant Projects
  • H2020 INFRAIA – SERA: “Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe”. The project focused on testing (in real scale on the IZIIS shake table) of masonry infill walls connected to RC frames using Polyurethane Flexible Joints (PFJ). This innovative solution allows protect infills against seismic loads assuring safe exploitation of the structure during strong earthquakes (under in-plain and out-of-plain excitation). PFJ were applied as prefabricated and constructing on site structural connections (applied by injection). PFJ were also examined as flexible adhesive bonding composite materials to cracked masonry substrates as emergency protection (withstanding strong vibrations after few hours from application). PFJ manifested high resistance to strong seismic excitations and protected the tested specimen against collapse during very large deformation (up to the drift of 4%). Tests on shake table confirmed that PFJ can transfer high loads and large deformations simultaneously. (years 2019 – 2020; https://sera-ta.eucentre.it/index.php/sera-ta-project-37/)

  • EU Structural Funds: Development of innovative modular construction technology, prefabricated on the basis of timber by PalettenWerk Kozik Spółka Jawna. The project focused on developing of prefabricated wood-based technology, implemented in own business of PALETTENWERK Kozik Sp. J., significantly improving the level of innovation. New structural elements of buildings (with high thermal and acoustic insulation, clean-dry technology climb buildings, high energy efficiency, tightness, a large heat capacity and humidity management) use flexible joints as connectors to timber structures, resulting in: the possibility of reducing of stress concentration, safe load transfer, resistance to moisture, new quality wood construction and expansion of operational capability beyond the existing limitations, the elimination of steel fasteners. (2017 – 2019; https://www.palettenwerk.pl/dotacje-ue-poir-1-1-1.html; https://www.palettenwerk.pl/en/wooden_houses.html ).

Infrastructures and facilities
  • Testing machine 1446 Zwick/Roell 10 kN with long-travel extensometer - using for testing of materials constructing PFJ and determination of PFJ properties for structural design.
  • Hardness testers Shore’a A and D..

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